God’s Hand

With God’s hand always in view at MOMA’s house it was no surprise to find an Eagle soaring in the midst of such an amazing foundation.

God certainly had Sam in mind when he placed MOMA’s house in his path in February 2012. Sam had to find a project to do to earn his Eagle Scout rank and had been trying to find one that he felt had meaning. Through a great friend of ours Sam found out about MOMA’s house.

Serenity Garden BeginningThe minute he met Ms. Maraion he knew that this was where he wanted to do his project. MOMA’s house’s backyard was desolate and bare, when it should be a place for relaxation and thought – a serenity garden. This is where Sam’s project came into reality.

When Sam decided to do his Eagle Project, he didn’t just want to do the standard run of the mill project. He wanted to do a project that would have a real long term impact on a cause that matters. His goal was to create a superb backyard, one worthy of representing and complimenting what MOMA’s House does and one worthy of an Eagle Project.

Serenity Garden CompleteWith a lot of hard work and dedication he was able to achieve this goal and in the dead heat of summer a crew of Scouts and Leaders spent two weekends working hard to transform the backyard into the garden it is today. MOMA’s house now has a Serenity Garden thanks to one of God’s Eagles.

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