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To transform female survivors of abuse into self-sufficient, independent women in a Safe House environment that promotes healing and wholeness.


MOMA's house is grounded in a set of values and organizational beliefs that provide a foundation for all our programmatic activities. We strive to embody and model these values within our organization.


We are committed to serving the needs of the community and the residents of MOMA's house. Our staff and volunteers are dedicated to our work, to each other, and to our clients.


MOMA's house recognizes that we are using extremely limited resources to combat a large-scale problem. To minimize this obstacle, we strive to achieve the most impact given our available resources. Our programs are constantly refined to ensure we stay focused on our mission.


Our organization uses empowerment to identify and recognize the strides our residents take toward each step through our programs. We provide the tools necessary for our clients and our volunteers to maximize the effectiveness of our organization and fully recognize their efforts.

Non-Violence and Respect

As an organization addressing the problem of violence against women, we believe in practicing non-violence and respect towards each other. We fully understand the complications associated with domestic violence and human trafficking and will always maintain an environment of respect.