About Us

Our vision is a world without domestic violence and human trafficking.

MOMA’s House is based on the philosophy of My Own Movement toward Achievement (MOMA). We work with women who are committed to transforming their lives while in recovery from domestic violence and human sex trafficking. We are a 501(c)3 Organization and have provided services to over 75 women since opening our doors in 2009.

Our program is called AMOM for Aspirations, Mentoring, Outreach and Motivation. Each individual has her own room and a safe, supportive environment in which she can complete our Life and Career Skills and Support programs.

We aim to achieve status as a foremost authority in the treatment of survivors of domestic violence and sex trafficking. MOMA’s House promotes the growth of its programs while actively reducing the demand for our services through remedial education.

We are leading the charge to eliminate the conditions which foster the demoralization of human beings through intimidation and violence by becoming advocates for strong laws; local, national and international.

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Our Mission

To transform female survivors of abuse into self-sufficient, independent women in a Safe House environment that promotes healing and wholeness.

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Our Values

MOMA’s House is grounded in a set of values and organizational beliefs that provide a foundation for all our programmatic activities. We strive to embody and model these values within our organization.


We are committed to serving the needs of the community and the residents of MOMA’s House. Our staff and volunteers are dedicated to our work, to each other, and to our clients.


MOMA’s House recognizes that we are using extremely limited resources to combat a large-scale problem. To minimize this obstacle, we strive to achieve the most impact given our available resources. Our programs are constantly refined to ensure we stay focused on our mission.


Our organization uses empowerment to identify and recognize the strides our residents take toward each step through our programs. We provide the tools necessary for our clients and our volunteers to maximize the effectiveness of our organization and fully recognize their efforts.

Non-Violence and Respect

As an organization addressing the problem of violence against women, we believe in practicing non-violence and respect towards each other. We fully understand the complications associated with domestic violence and human trafficking and will always maintain an environment of respect.

Moma's House Founder Portrait

The Story of the 3M's

Hi, I am Maraion Douglas – Founder/CEO of MOMA’s House.

After working in Corporate America for almost 30 years, I had questioned my purpose. Even after leaving Kansas City and moving to Phoenix in 2004, I did not pursue my dream. February 2007, I again questioned my purpose, so I resigned from my position at American Express and began the journey of making the dream of MOMA’s House a reality. Along that journey God began to put people in my path to make it happen.

The journey of MOMA’s House began with what I call the 3M’s:

My Mother, whose door was always open while raising me and my 7 siblings as a single parent. At the age of 33 she took on the responsibility of 8 brothers and sisters after the death of her mother. Through her trust and belief in GOD, she fed, clothed, educated and gave hope to 16 children. So she laid the foundation for MOMA’s House.

Myla, my daughter while going through her teenage years brought many of her friends to Mamma-D’s home for encouragement, food, love, laughter and a lot of hugs. Who, after becoming a mother, said to me, “I am thankful to God that I have a Mother like you.” She became the inspiration for MOMA’s House.

Mary J. Blige, while watching “The Oprah Show” in February 2007, I saw the transformation of her life when she allowed GOD to step in and take control. She was able to give up a life of abuse, alcohol, drugs and the people who did not want her to succeed. I was able to feel her pain and the presence of God’s spirit through the TV. She provided the confirmation that I must move forward with MOMA’s House.

Meet Our Staff

Karen Chandler

Board Member

Laurinda Cumming

Board Member

Mark Taylor

Board Member

Valerie Taylor

Board Member

Debbie McDaniel


Cynthia Anane


Robin Campbell

Program Administrator

Taura Colbert

REACH Program Manager

Freedom Schumacher

Resident Advisor
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